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Service Policy And Information
Appointment System

We operate on an appointment system.

Standard appointments made are less than 20 minutes and are usually adequate to deal with most health issues.

Please ensure that you notify us if you require appointments for other family member in the same household.

Cancelling Appointments

Please notify the Call Centre on 1800 644 999 as soon as possible if you no longer need your appointment. We appreciate you telephoning to cancel so we can give the appointment to another patient and avoid having our doctor travel un-necessarily.

Privacy and Confidentiality

To provide you with our after-hours health service, we need to collect personal information about you to easily identify you, such as your name, date of birth, gender, home address including postcode, contact details including email, Medicare and/or any other concession cards.

All information collected is treated as ‘sensitive information’. To protect your privacy, this after-hours service operates strictly in accordance to the National Privacy Principles contained in the Privacy Act 1988. (Complying with APP Amendment of 12 March 2014),).

We use the information you provided, strictly for management in the delivery of our health service to you.

We only disclose selected information to various other health service providers in supporting your health care management, i.e. pathology, x-ray, pharmacies, etc.

Call Home Visiting Doctor stores your personal and clinical information for the delivery of appropriate health services to you. Your gathered information is safely and securely stored by us.

Your gathered and stored information will only be used for the provision of medical services by our home visiting doctors and consultation reports on your home visit by our doctors will be shared with your regular GP that you nominate for the continuity of your medical care.

The transmission of these home visits consultation reports to your regular GP will be done using a secure and encrypted method. Please notify our staff or doctor if you do not wish certain information to be passed on. Be aware, however, that this could compromise your treatment. Under certain legal circumstances, i.e. subpoena, information will also be passed on to the legal entity.

Call Home Visiting Doctor binds its team including doctors and administrative staff by a signed Privacy and Confidentiality agreement as we take your privacy seriously.

How Do We Collect Information

For patients, your personal information is gathered directly when you call us and speak to our ‘Call Centre’ or indirectly when you book your appointment online through our website

Please notify us when you are making your booking if you have any of the following special needs (this enables us to provide you with best care required):

  • Need for Interpreter service
  • Physical or intellectual disability and/or mobility problems.
  • Hearing, Vision or Speech impaired.
  • Need for female doctor due to cultural/religious background. (we may not always be able to provide this)

Doctors will also collect information about the your personal and social life, and a full medical history, as deemed necessary to enable them to properly assess, diagnose, treat and provide appropriate medical care to you.


If it is an emergency what should I do?

Call 000 for an ambulance.

What if my condition is getting worse while I am waiting for the doctor?

Please call us back immediately.

Will I have to wait long for a doctor to come?

We will do our best to have our doctor at your house within a reasonable time. Waiting time depends on the amount of patients doctor has booked and how far doctor has to travel.

How can I find out if I am in an area that your service covers?

Call us anytime. If you are not in our coverage area, we may be able to assist you with information about another service. It will also help us determine if your area is in need of a service, and we may be able to extend our service your area in the future.

Can I use the home visit service as my regular medical service?

Your health is very important and should be monitored by a regular doctor. Your regular doctor will get to know you and your medical history. It is NOT advisable to use our service in place of a regular doctor. Our doctors work on a roster system, and you will not always get to see the same doctor.

Examples Of An Emergency

If you, or the patient you are calling about, have any of the following symptoms you should call 000 for an ambulance.

Chest painFitting
Breathing difficulty / Trouble talkingBleeding (heavy or persistent)
Facial swelling and rashSpinal or Head Injury / Trauma
Collapse / altered consciousnessSnake bite
Facial / limb weaknessHeart palpitations
Extensive burnsIn Labour / Ruptured membranes
Neck Stiffness / altered consciousnessUnwell ‘floppy’ infant
Poisoning / overdoseEye injury / chemical in the eye
Pain (severe)Injured limb / possible fracture