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Patient Information
Keeping Your Regular Doctor Informed

Your regular doctor is the one who knows the history of your health. That is why your regular doctor should be your first point of contact; however, there will be times when your regular doctor or medical clinic is closed.

That is when Call Home Visiting Doctor comes into action to address your non-life threatening but urgent health concern. Not only will we address your health concern and provide medication as required, our after-hours doctor will also provide your regular doctor with a report containing consultation notes related to your home visit.

Our Appointment System

Our Call Centre is located in Australia. We have well trained staff to provide all patients excellent customer service and accurate information about how our service operates.

We strive to provide you the most timely health service. However, in some cases, due to diversity of the locations serviced and during peak times, our attendance to your home might be delayed. In 80% of cases our doctors will arrive within 3 hours of your call.

Our staff members are committed to keep you informed with the progress of your home visit. They will contact you when the doctor is on the way, so please stay close to the phone. Do not hesitate to contact us at any time, we are here to help.

Criteria For Home Visit

Call Home Visiting Doctor is a service designed to provide you with medical consultation and treatment as deemed necessary when:

  • You have a medical problem which is urgent, but not a life threatening, and
  • You have a telephone or mobile telephone which is fully functioning and contactable at any time by our service, and
  • Your regular doctor is closed, and
  • You are unable to attend another clinic or hospital, and
  • Your property is easily accessible and safe for our doctor to enter (i.e. it is well lit, dogs restrained).
Our Billing

Call Home Visiting Doctor is a Bulk Billing service for eligible patients.

All patients who have a current Medicare card or DVA card are 100% Bulk Billed with NO GAP FEE TO YOU, which means the visit will not cost you out of pocket money.

Patients who are not eligible for bulk billing, i.e. visitors form overseas who have no Medicare Card, have to pay for their health service. A receipt will be issued so that it can be claimed on your travel insurance.

Our Standard Appointment Fee for NON Medicare patients (less than 20 minutes) is $160.00. Fees for Longer Appointments will depend on the time used by the doctor and the complexity of the health issues of the patient.

Payment methods acceptable to Call Home Visiting Doctor are as follows:

  • Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) Online direct payment to our bank account from yours.
  • Cash.

These methods will be discussed at the time of booking the appointment.

Our Doctors And What They Can Provide

Our Doctors have the necessary equipment to diagnose and treat most common medical problems. This includes basic medications to get your treatment started.

If our doctor is unable to provide treatment at the time of consultation they will be able to assist in referring you to emergency services.

There are certain pain medications which our doctors WILL NOT be able to provide you with. This is a government regulation.

The home visiting doctor will issue a report on your home visit service, which will be forwarded to your regular nominated doctor or medical clinic within 24 hours. This enables you and your regular doctor to discuss and review your condition, and to continue your treatment.

How To Contact Us

For your appointment, you can call us on 5491 7202 and our friendly and well-trained staff will answer your queries and assist you with your booking.

Alternatively, you can book your appointment online at your convenience by visiting

How We Operate

Staff will triage your call by asking you questions about the symptoms of the ill person. By doing this they can determine if it is an emergency that needs to be dealt with by referring to emergency services, and they will also be able to determine the priority of the visit in the case of a high volume of calls.

When satisfied that you meet the criteria for our home visiting doctor, you will be asked for personal details such as name, address, date of birth, gender, and telephone number.

You will also be asked for your Medicare card number or DVA card number, and Centrelink details if you hold a Health Care card, Pension Card or Seniors Health care card. If you are not a Medicare or DVA card holder you will be notified of payment method.

You will also be asked if there are any disabilities, impairment or language barriers relative to your ethnic background to ensure we that we can provide the most appropriate service to you.

We endeavour to have our doctors at your home within the shortest time possible. Our call centre staff will notify you at the time of your call of the estimated time of arrival. They will also notify you if doctor is delayed due to urgent call out to another patient, poor traffic conditions or other unforeseen circumstances.

Our call centre staff will also ask who your regular doctor or medical centre is. This enables us to forward all information of the home visit to them, which is done using a secure and encrypted source. This will be done within 24 hours.